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A Video on Why It's Important for Us Muslims to Vote (Video)

With elections being held in Canada today, October 14, and the upcoming election on November 4 in the US, and having found this video on YouTube (courtesy of MAS Inland Empire), this triumvirate was enough to make me mention it on the blog.

We can't expect anyone to stand up for our rights. Only we can standup for ourselves. We must show the Western world what we really think. What we really believe. What we really hold true as our intrinsic values. We must shed the stigma placed against us by the media and the ignorant, and exercise our right to democratically speak our mind.

Not only should we vote in this election, we must make such exercises a habit of ours. So, if you are reading this, and are aware of elections in your area, whether municipal, provicial/state, or federal, go vote, and get any of your family who are eligible, to vote as well.

The majority of us peace-loving Muslims have been rendered "the silent majority". We need to do away with that and voice our opinions with the loudest voice possible. The vote.

So go vote and exercise your rights, because if you don't, it's what you stand to lose.

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