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Muslims in America (Video)

I watched this video, and while it is sorta old, I think it's important to look at the end stats of the video; where 6 people agreed with the man behind the counter, 13 stood up to him, and 22 remained silent and pretended it wasn't their business.

It accentuates the problem of discrimination and bigotry. One important thing to learn from this is that prejudice against Muslims isn't a one-way street. There is much discrimination from the Muslim community towards the community-at-large.

Too many times I've heard with my own ears people who practice reverse-racism and reverse-bigotry towards non-Muslims. Usually through accentuating the differences between the two by generalizing notions of the other in a manner which is, frankly, appalling.

The worst part is that these types of mannerisms are conducted by Muslims who consider themselves to be pious to be behaving in an Islamically-sound manner. It reminded me of a Hadith:

Volume 4, Book 56, Number 699:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

"Allah's Apostle said, "You see that the people are of different natures. Those who were the best in the pre-lslamic period, are also the best in Islam if they comprehend religious knowledge. You see that the best amongst the people in this respect (i.e. ambition of ruling) are those who hate it most. And you see that the worst among people is the double faced (person) who appears to these with one face and to the others with another face (i.e a hypocrite)."

We need to stop being silent when these instances in conversation arise and scold the ignorant and prejudiced, regardless of community kinship. Otherwise, what right do we have when we scold others for prejudice?

Just remember, while it was highlighted in this video that the majority of observers to the discrimination against the Muslim were silent, how many of us can say we weren't when we heard prejudiced and spiteful rhetoric against non-Muslims?

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