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Events Listings

November 2009

November 01 Identity Crisis of Our Youth Los Angeles, California URL
November 02-04 The Hamad Bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art Cordoba, Spain URL
November 06-08 Pearls of the Quran Herndon, Virginia URL
November 12-14 The Quran: Text, History & Culture London, England URL
November 13-15 Explore Islam! Memorial Union Ames, Iowa URL
November 19 Holy Founder of My Religion Hamilton, Ontario URL

December 2009

December 05 Islamic School of Seattle Fundraiser Banquet Bellevue, Washington URL
December 12 Building Peace by Recovering Lost Islamic History Richardson, Texas URL
December 23-27 8th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention – Islam: A Blueprint for Change Chicago, Illinois URL
December 25 RIS: SOS, Saving the Ship of Humanity Toronto, Ontario URL

January 2010

January 08-10 Meaningful Prayer: Vocabulary of the Salah Sugar Land, Texas URL
January 29-31 Explore Islam! Memorial Union Ames, Iowa URL

February 2010

February 19-21 Meaningful Prayer: Vocabulary of the Salah Sacramento, California URL
February 20 Muslim Legal Fund of America Annual FR Dinner Richardson, Texas URL

Updated November 12, 2009

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